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Why are Socks So Important For Sports People?

Socks are an integral part of most sportswear. There are a few sports, such as swimming, that do not require the use of socks. Those that require socks as part of the uniform include; basketball, soccer, trail running, and cricket. Most cheerleading and dance teams have adopted socks as a part of their uniform. Even though socks may seem like secondary pieces of clothing, they are some of the most important. The benefits of socks go beyond their ability to complete attire. The following are some of the reasons why socks are important to sporty people.
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Benefits of Using a Runner’s Cap on Outdoor Activities

For some, the sun scorching your face while running may be what you desire. However, for those with fair skin or who do not like to wear sunglasses during trail running, an important piece of apparel is certainly a running hat/cap. They are also quite useful while exercising in the rain too, which is quite common during British summers. However, not just any cap will do. While you can still adorn your old baseball cap, there are great fabrics today that make it easier to reach peak performance. They do this without making you feel bogged down by a sweat-drenched cap on your head. Here are some of the reasons why wearing a runner’s cap in a high-temperature environment might be the best decision you have ever made.

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Couple with fyke accessories and apparel

A new brand is born: Fyke


Fyke is a new apparel brand focused on developing premium products for sporting activities. Founded in 2019 in north Portugal, an area well know for being one of the main textile clusters in Europe, where the latest developments and innovations are tested an implemented by the best brands around the world. The brand develops gear for all sports, including triathlon and trail running.

The company was founded on the principles of sustainable production, quality, and responsibility. It has been noted that many apparel manufacturers treat their workers poorly and even expose them to dangerous chemicals in the workplace. Also, many others have been reported to have a large carbon footprint, and this means their production processes accelerate global warming. In fact, some studies have shown that apparel manufacturers contribute as much as 8% of global carbon emissions. Fyke is determined to stand out from the crowd by engaging in ethical, sustainable, and environmental-friendly practices.

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